Examples of Inspections

Lights (head/tail/brake/turn)
Windshield washer fluid
Windshield condition
Emergency brake adjustment
Horn operation
Fuel tank cap gasket
Air conditioning filter
Clutch operation
Shock absorbers/suspension
Steering gear/linkage/boots
Muffler/exhaust system
Engine oil
Fluid leaks
Brake lines/hoses/cables
Drive shaft/boots/u-joints
Check transmission fluid
Fuel lines/fuel tank system
Fluid levels
Engine air filter
Drive belts
Cooling/heating hoses
Inspect tire wear front/rear
Inspect breaks front/rear
Inspect wiper blades
Inspect battery cables
Inspect undercarriage
Check brake pedal travel
Check radiator hoses


Keep your vehicle running in peak condition with regularly scheduled inspections!

Examples of benefits

Dealer-Certified Oil/Filter Changes – Factory recommended intervals

Car Wash – With every oil change

Top Off Fluids – With every oil change

10% Discount off Major Factory Recommended Service Intervals

Loyalty Rewards – Receive a $500 discount on your next vehicle purchased at selling dealership upon expiration of this contract

Rotation of Tires – Every other oil change

Brake Inspection – Every oil change

Multi-Point Inspection – Every oil change

The items listed are examples of benefits that may be provided; please refer to “Contracted Benefits” in your agreement for a complete list of covered services.

Why trust your new vehicle to a speedy lube shop when you can get certified maintenance?

Express Carefree Maintenance provides you with your factory recommended maintenance including change of oil and filter by certified technicians, rotation of tires and discounts off major recommended services.